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Most, if not all churches want to reach more people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Technology today provides us with new opportunities to do this like no other time in history. Online Church Leaders exists to support each church interested in venturing down this path. We provide a FREE step-by-step training guide to help you launch an online church platform and begin reaching real people in real time.

What is Online Church?

Online Church is more than streaming a video, it is leveraging technology to expand ministry and further the great commission to make disciples of all nations. It is a relevant and relational way to connect people around the world through digital interactions. Most pastors assume that it requires tons of time and money, but that is not the case. It is our goal to shed light on these myths and break down the barriers that may arise when considering such an undertaking. Our hope is that by giving away our systems and processes and sharing the things we have learned along the way it will save you time and money. We will provide you with the tools you will need and guide you in your calling to reach the world.


Leveraging Technology To Make Disciples


Training Modules

Here are some of the training modules you will receive when you sign up to join Online Church Leaders.

Building Your Platform

Find a friendly, flexible and affordable platform to host your online services.

Creating Your Content

Learn from the top video producers on how to create engaging content without spending a fortune on expensive equipment.

Attracting Your Crowd

Learn basic advertising and marketing best practices to attract people from all over the world to your online church.

Engaging Your Audience

Getting to people to actively participate isn’t easy.  Learn from ministry experts how to best engage your audience online.

Developing a Volunteer Team

You can’t do it alone and volunteers are critical to your success.  Learn how to recruit, train & develop a great volunteer team.

Following Up with Guests and New Believers

Establishing these systems is critical to your long-term success and we will give you all the tools that you will need.

Communicate With Your Community

Learn best practices when it comes to email marketing and social media to best engage your online church community.

Connect Into Groups

Take your Online Church to the next level by creating digital small group opportunities for people to connect in community and grow spiritually together.


It doesn’t have the be complicated, in fact it shouldn’t be!  Let us help you setup a friendly giving experience for your Online Church community.



  • Testimonial

    Nils Smith

    Innovation Pastor at Community Bible Church

    About Nils Smith

    “Launching Online Church at CBC has allowed us to further accomplish our mission to reach, teach, and help people in Jesus’ name by breaking down geographic barriers using new technologies and connecting our church to the world.”

    Visit Online Church.

  • Testimonial

    Chris Tripputi

    Online Church Director at Community Bible Church.

    About Chris Tripputi

    Technology has enabled our world to function and communicate unlike any other time in history. The ability to do ministry online has opened up doors for churches to expand their reach and impact the world in amazing ways. As a result of an online platform you will find yourself enticed to dream far beyond what you could have ever imagined, fueling you to share the gospel like never before.

  • Testimonial

    Nick Ovalle

    Social Media Manager at Community Bible Church

    About Nick Ovalle

    I am excited to see a global mission of “Reach Teach and Help in Jesus’ name” become a reality. I truly believe in Online Church Leaders because of my experience with online church. The faith of the Christian global community inspires me.

  • Testimonial

    Martha Fisher

    About Martha Fisher

    Connecting in Online Groups has expanded ministry to every corner of the world. This technology gives “feet” to disciples of Jesus Christ for going into all the world to make more disciples!

  • Testimonial

    Jay Kranda

    Online Campus Pastor at Saddleback Church

    About Jay Kranda

    “Saddleback Church’s Online Campus reached over 208 countries/territories this past year with over 2/3 of our viewers non-local. Plus, with over 1,100 groups meeting all over the globe. Through a simple, but well executed Church Online strategy anyone from anywhere can engage with our church”

  • Testimonial

    Alan George

    Church Online Pastor at

    About Alan George

    “God is using online ministry in very real ways around the world. Our ministry has been extended to people we never would have been able to reach otherwise, and lives are being transformed through the life-giving message of Christ. People who were feeling empty have found hope. People who were lonely have found community. People who were stuck in destructive decisions have found strength to change… all through the power of Christ.”

    Alan George is the Church Online Pastor at

  • Testimonial

    Jason Caston

    About Jason Caston

    “The Potter’s House of Dallas Internet Church Campus has over 18,000 members which makes it the largest campus of the ministry. Our strategy is to engage and connect with users daily while building online relationships that impact lives. We genuinely believe that reaching people online and giving them a way to connect with us anytime, anyplace, anywhere from any device is key to the future growth of our church.”

  • Testimonial

    Dj Chuang

    About Dj Chuang

    Without a doubt, is the most valuable priceless resource that will bring more churches into the 21st century before the 22nd century gets here! Get online already!”

  • Testimonial

    Jason Morris

    About Jason Morris

    Online Church is awesome because we can actually ‘go into all the world’ just like Jesus said!!!

  • Testimonial

    Kenny Jahng

    About Kenny Jahng

    “The Internet is the new front door to the Church.  Why wouldn’t you offer worship from where the welcome mat is placed?”

    Kenny is The Online Pastor at Liquid Church

  • Testimonial

    Nate Merrill

    About Nate Merrill

    I believe the Internet is the Gutenberg Press of our time in the
    advancing of the Gospel and Church online. We need to continue to have more churches leverage the Internet in this way!”

  • Testimonial

    Jonathan Befort

    About Jonathan Befort

    These days the technology required to make professional looking videos and produce live broadcasts is available to the masses. There are no excuses any more, the barriers that always used to block the little guy have come crashing down. Now it is possible for nearly every church or ministry to truly go into all the world and make disciples.

  • Testimonial

    Seth Farrior

    About Seth Farrior

    I love reaching people that can’t, or won’t, step foot inside of a brick and mortar church!

Still Have Questions?

We would love to answer them on the form below, but here are some of the most common questions we hear:

Is it Really Free?

Yes, it is all 100% free and we also post no affiliate links. We believe that God is doing an incredible work through Online Church and desire for every church possible to expand their impact through these powerful resources.

Do we need a mega-church budget to launch?

No, we will teach you how to launch an Online Church with less than $1,000 startup costs and $100/month and a commitment of 10 hours a week. Naturally, the more resources and time you invest the greater your impact will be, but the barrier to entry is minimal.

How will the content be distributed through Online Church Leaders?

After registering online you will receive an email with a unique login and password to access the files in our custom portal. You will then have access to everything online.

After registering will my email box get overloaded with ongoing email messages?

Absolutely not! We hate Spam and know that you do to. We will communicate consistently (about once a month) through email, but will not overload your box with constant messages. You will also have the ability to unsubscribe at any point.

Have another question? Ask and we will respond ASAP.


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